How Often Should You Go For A Dental Cleaning?

How Often Should You Go For A Dental Cleaning?

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Taking care of your oral health is just as important as looking out for your overall health. In fact, the two are connected. Not only will you feel better when you brush and floss regularly, but your body will thank you, too. 

To have good oral hygiene you have to visit the dentist routinely - and that means going at least every 6 months for a dental cleaning. 

What is a Dental Cleaning? 

The point of a dental cleaning is to remove any lingering bacteria and polish your teeth so that they look and feel amazing. 

The process first begins with a focus on getting rid of any tartar or plaque that has built up on and around the teeth. It can hide in the tiniest crevices that you may easily miss in your normal oral hygiene routine. Without addressing it, however, you may leave yourself vulnerable to tooth decay. 

Using specialized dental tools, the dental hygienist will remove this buildup and then move on to polish your teeth with a special dental paste. Next up is flossing the teeth to remove any debris tucked between them. The method used for this will vary based on the dental practice. 

After a quick rinse, your dental cleaning is complete.   

The Dental Exam

It is not uncommon for the dentist to see patients after their cleaning to do an oral examination. They will look for any signs of decay or periodontal disease. They will also evaluate your bite and your jaw function, making sure that everything is aligned and working smoothly. If x-rays were taken as part of this appointment, the dentist will review these, too. This will help them examine areas they cannot otherwise see. 

Having a cleaning and dental exam is a great way to address any areas of concern before they get out of hand. 

Advantages of Routine Dental Cleanings

There are many benefits to getting routine dental cleanings every 6 months, including the chance to boost your oral health. But that’s not all. When you invest in yourself by making and keeping your 6-month routine cleaning appointments then you reap the rewards. 

  • No more bad breath. Routine cleanings get rid of odor-causing bacteria as well as reduce the chance of decay (which is one of the leading causes of bad breath).
  • Removes stains. As teeth are polished and cared for, many discolorations and stains can be removed. 
  • Improve your health. Both oral health and overall health are improved when you care for your teeth and gums properly. 
  • Avoid complex dental issues. With routine cleanings, you minimize your chance of having complex dental issues since they can be caught early on. 

Not to mention that the moment you walk out of your dental cleaning appointment, you will have the confidence to smile and show those pearly whites. Dental cleanings just make you feel good. 

Is It Time For Your Dental Cleaning?

If it has been a while since you have had your teeth cleaned, then there is no better time than now to get back to it. And the dental professionals at Jacob and Thatcher Dentistry are here to make it happen. 

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